Alternative Encoding Method For NSV Streaming
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The key to this method is finding a program that functions as a "screencorder" any program that can be used to capture a window or follow a mouse around the screen. The program I am using is Camtasia Studio -

This program has the ability to set a file capture (i.e. record for set time then save) or it will capture LIVE. Once this has been set to this, setting options like framerate, capture size (I use 320x240), even watermarking is easy. After Camtasia is running, it will appear in the list of devices on the NSVcap utility that Nullsoft provides. Match the framerate settings in NSVcap and set your audio capture directly from waveout, since you will be capturing from Winamp, Overlay MUST be off in order to capture a video on the screen. The window must not resize with every video (it must remain 320x240) and I recommend using always on top with this method because it will prevent accidental window dragging over the video and whatnot. That's the basic premise.

Step 1 - start Camtasia
Step 2 - start Winamp
Step 3 - check settings and align capture box to video window
Step 4 - click go, start server

Additional screen capture programs
Freeware and shareware software

VH Screen Capture Driver



My Screen Recorder

Capture Professional

Video Ghost For Windows


Screen Movie Studio



ACA Screen Recorder

Easy Video Capture


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