Audio Only NSV Streams
(AAC Plus streaming audio)
Submitted by ken52787

For Live Audio Only NSV Streams (AAC Plus Radio) instructions, please refer here.

Step 1: Getting the AAC Plus codec

Go to the Winamp5 plugin folder (ie. C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins). Search for a file named enc_aacplus.dll. Copy that file into the nsvtools folder (ie. C:\Program Files\NSVTools). Rename that file to nsv_coder_aacp.dll

Step 2: Encoding the audio

Using either nsvenc or nsvate, go to the encoding settings. Make sure the resample audio is set to 44100Hz. Select whether you want Stereo or Mono (use mono if you're stream is 64kbps or under). Now click NSV Encoder Configuration. Set the audio codec to AAC Plus and set the appropriate bitrate and set the video codec to No Video.

Step 3: Streaming the audio

Now, using nsvscsrc or the NSV GUI Coder
located here, stream the files as if they were ordinary NSV video files.


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