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Audio encoding with AAC Plus.
Submitted by Jkey

You can use the Winamp enc_aacplus.dll to encode AAC Plus audio for your NSV stream.  You must copy the enc_aacplus.dll file from the Winamp\Plugins directory and place it in the the NSV tools folder. You must rename the enc_aacplus.dll file to nsv_coder_aacp.dll file.

You also need to copy the nscrt.dll file from your Winamp player. Go to the Winamp\Plugins directory and copy the nscrt.dll file into the NSV tools folder.

Configurihng AAC Plus Encoding.
Submitted by ken52787

You can achieve the best blend of quality and encoding speed by using the following configurations in the AAC Plus encoder:

Parameteric Stereo

Low bit rate (Less than 36 kbs) MP3 audio encoding using LAME.
Submitted by Jingxin

You must download a copy of the latest LAME encoder lame_enc.dll. You must then replace the lame_enc.dll in the NSVtool package with the latest LAME encoder that you have obtained.  You will have more options on the bit rate using this new compiled lame audio encoder. NSV audio can be streamed as low as 10 kbps audio using this method.

You can download a compiled version of the latest lame_enc.dll from here

Audio from Winamp.
Submitted by ken52787

There is a work around that will get audio fed into a stream from Winamp. In NSVcap, make sure your soundcard is checked under the devices menu. Next double-click the mini speaker icon in the system tray.

A window will open.

Click on the Options tab.


Click on Properties


Select Recording


Click OK.

Now find the slider that corresponds to what you hear. This is most commonly called WAVE Balance, though I've seen it called "Stereo Mix" or "What Your Hear." Make sure that this mixer, whatever it may be called, is Selected. Take the slider down to about 1/4 - 1/3 and close. Now you can play Winamp and it should tie the music in with the NSV feed.


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