Developed by Freddy902

NSV Coder GUI is a simple Graphical User Inteface that automates the steps needed to encode and stream NullSoft Video content.

You must source ( send ) the video to a Shoutcast compatible server to be streamed.

- How to configure a Shoutcast server.
- How to configure a Icecast server.
- How to configure a Steamcast server.

This software has been stored in zip file format. You must extract it to use it.
Download : www.scvi.net/soft/nsv_coder_standalone_04.zip.

Version history:

Version 0.3 BETA

19/5-04: Reduced exe file. (198kb)
18/6-04: Added update control.
18/5-04: Tap controls fixed.
18/6-04: First release.

Version 0.4 BETA

19/5-04: Second release.

There are three areas of the NSV Coder GUI that are fully functional.

You can find more information about these here :

- File encoding
(VP3, VP6.1 and VP6.2 video codecs)
(MP3 and AAC audio codecs)

- File streaming
(Shoutcast or compatible media servers)

- Configuration
(Configuration of NSV encoding and or streaming)


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