NSV Coder GUI File Encoding NSV Coder GUI

This feature allows users to create configuration information for encoding NSV media files.

To start :

  • Open the NSV Coder GUI software.
  • Select Encode files then click the Next button.
  • This will open the Encode files menu.

  • You must select the existing video file you wish to encode.
  • You must verify the encoded NSV output file name.

  • After selecting and verifying the name of the files, you must then configure how NSV will encode the files.

    Click the Encoder options button. This will open the Encode files menu.

    Click the NSV Encoder Configuration button.

    This will open the NSV Encoding Configuration menu.

    You will need to select and configure both the audio and video codecs you intend to encode with.

    You must encode all NSV files with the same settings so that the Shoutcast server will not stop streaming the content.  NSV files encoded with different settings will not continuously stream in a Shoutcast server.

    After you are through making the desired encoder configuration settings click the OK button.

    This will start the NSV encoding process and open the Status window.

    This will also open the command window.

    When the file is through encoding, the command window will close.

    NSV Coder GUI

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