Live Video Streaming Using NSVcap
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Guide to NSVCAP and Video Streaming Part Two

You must source ( send ) the video to a Shoutcast compatible server to be streamed.

- How to configure a Shoutcast server.
- How to configure a Icecast server.
- How to configure a Steamcast server.

Select Set Capture Destination.

Configure Set Capture Destination.

1. Output : Set to Shoutcast server.
2. Shoutcast server : Enter the Shoutcast server IP here.
( If it is a local Shoutcast running on your Own machine use for local loopback. )
3. Port : Enter the port you intend on streaming the NSV output to the Shoutcast server on
4. Password : Enter the password that you use for your Shoutcast server.
5. The headers :

  • content-type:video/nsv <--DO NOT CHANGE
  • icy-metadata:1
  • icy-name:MY-TV <--Your station name
  • icy-genre:My-TV <--Type of genre
  • icy-pub:1 <--Publicly listed on Winamp TV directory 0=NO 1=YES
  • icy-br:128 <--ESTIMATED bitrate
  • icy-url: <--Your website
  • icy-irc:#My-TV <--Your IRC channel
  • icy-icq:********** <--Your ICQ #
  • icy-reset:1 <--DO NOT CHANGE

Genre Classifications
Stations streaming ADULT content are required to label their stream accordingly.
Please classify your NSV stream accurately.

Examples : Music - Movie - Web Cam - Television - Adult or other appropriate description.

Failure to correctly Identify your station genre may result in your station being banned from the Shoutcast station directory.

You are finished configuring here, Click OK.  This will save all your changes.

Select the source input devices.

Video and Audio capture source.

Guide to NSVCAP and Video Streaming Part Two

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