Live Video Streaming Using NSVcap
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Guide to NSVCAP and Video Streaming Part Four
Any picture adjustments can be done in this configuration window.

Set the device compress and set resolution to 320x240 for streaming.

This is the preferred order of choice for the video codec.

Video Format Preference
I420 or YV12 - The best choice.
YUY2 or UYVY - Better than RGB24.
RGB24 or RGB32 - Use as a last resort.

The other that are listed may not work at all. This depends on whether or not your encoding tool can handle the conversion from this format to one of the formats listed above.

Reducing the output size of the device to match the output size of the encoded file allows for faster processing as no cpu intensive resizing is needed.

Do not set the video frame rate here, it is set from another place.  This frame rate setting will automatically change according to the other setting.

Do Not adjust the Audio Format in the Options tab. It never needs to be changed.

Enable Capture Audio.

This will allow the capture of audio with the video and allow  sound  to be included in the video.

The audio source can be configured in one of two places.

First is the Audio Capture Filter.

Guide to NSVCAP and Video Streaming Part Four

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