Adding Logos And Graphics To NSV Video
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Now, save this as a BMP file, I'll call it logo.bmp. When the options come up, select RGB 24 as the type. After that is saved, go back to the layer list and click the Eye on the black layer to turn it off. Select another layer that is visible, and go to the Layer menu and select "Merge Visible." It should have moved everything to one layer, except the black. Nothing should look different in the picture. Now turn the black layer back on by clicking where the Eye was on it. In the layer list, right-click the one with your logo in it, and go to Blending Options. Click "Color Overlay" and then change the color of it to white. Change the opacity here if you want the entire image to be semi-transparent.

You should have something that looks like this :

Example Image :

Save that as another BMP, I'll call it logo-mask.bmp. Again, make it RGB 24.

Now we can get back to our script to apply this.

Copy this to it :

video = DirectShowSource("C:\path\to\video.avi").BilinearResize(320,240)
ChangeFPS(video, 15)
logo = ImageSource("C:\path\to\logo.bmp")
logomask = ImageSource("C:\path\to\logo-mask.bmp")
Overlay(video, logo, mask=logomask)

Now save that file and view it.

Encoding these scripts to NSV

It is really quite simple. If you can watch it in Windows Media Player and it does play correctly, then just load it up into an encoder. For nsvenc, just enter the video.avs file as the input. For NSVate, just change the File Type to All Files when opening, and select the avs file.  


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