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Please upgrade to the latest version of Winamp or the equivalent to ensure that NullSoft Video - Winamp TV works properly.  Older versions of Winamp are not fully compatible with VP6 and had serious stream synchronization issues.

If you are using a computer that is connected to a network router, you will need to open some ports and redirect them to your computer.  This will allow reception of NullSoft streaming video.

More information about basic router configuration here can be
found here.

NSV Player for Windows
( Natively supports VP3, VP6.1, VP6.2 video codecs and MP3, AAC, AACPlus audio codecs. )

Plug-In for RealPlayer
This allows you to play NSV streams in RealPlayer's media browser.

NSV Player for Linux - Unix
MPlayer now natively supports both AAC and AAC Plus audio. You must install additional codecs to support VP6.1 and VP6.2 video.
Downloading Windows binary codecs for MPlayer
Installing Windows binary codecs for MPlayer
- For older versions of MPlayer
How to configure MPlayer to support AAC Plus audio.
How to install VP6 video codec support for MPlayer.

NSV Player for Linux - Unix
Starting with rc4a, Xine Lib supports decoding VP5 and VP6 video codecs.
You must install these Win 32 codec packages from MPlayer for VP6.1, VP6.2 video and AAC, AAC Plus audio support for NSV streaming.
How to install Win 32 codec for Xine in Ubuntu Debian Linux.

NSV Player for XBOX Game Console
The XBOX media center supports the VP6 video codec with the use of ON2 DLL's and natively supports the AAC audio codec. ( Supported video/audio codecs ).

NSV Player for Linux - Unix - Mac - Windows

NSV Player for Linux - Unix

NSV Without A Media Player

You can view NSV video without the use of any media player software installed.  Your web browser must support Microsoft Activex or the Netscape XPI architecture.

More information regarding NSV Microsoft ActiveX / Netscape XPI components can be found here.

Firefox / Mozilla / Netscape web browser

These web browser users can install the Netscape XPI plugin to view VP3 / MP3 NSV streams.

You must download this XPI file : nullsoft.com/nsv/embed/nsvmoz_vp3_mp3.xpi

Use the Firefox / Mozilla / Netscape web browser to open the XPI file. The web browser will then install the XPI file as a plugin.

Your web browser can now view VP3 / MP3 NSV streams using the Netscape XPI architecture.

Thanks to jingxin for this information.


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