How To Capture and Encode Video / Audio

The easiest and least expensive way to start video podcasting is to use a web cam. Most web cam packages have software that allows a user the ability to record video using standard MPEG video. These video files can later be edited using free video editing tools.

Windows XP / Vista / 7

Windows users can use free software distributed by Microsoft to capture and encode video and audio.

Windows Media Encoder 9:

Windows Media Encoder software help documents:

Windows Media Encoder help forums:

Getting started with Windows Media Encoder:

Linux, *BSD. Open Solaris

*Nix users can use Open Source software to capture and encode video and audio.

Video Lan Client

VLC download:

VLC user guide:

Free Video Production Guide

Free video production guide:
(This is a PDF file that will require the use of PDF reader software.)

Free video production guide:

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