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NSV encoding priority
Windows has a designated priority system which allows the computer to determine which applications receive greater access to the required system resources.

You must set NSV encoding as a high priority application within Windows, due to the fact that video encoding requires greater access to computer resources.  Without setting NSV encoding as a high priority in windows, the video encoding will require more time.

Multiple NSV ActiveX player placement on web pages
To allow multiple NSV ActiveX players to be set up on one webpage, use html tables.  Put each individual ActiveX NSV player within its own separate table on the webpage.

NSV Website links
Create a PLS file and place the NSV url link in the playlist.  You then need to create a link to the PLS file from the website.

NSV ActiveX Error
Use this as the last line of code in the ActiveX player code to notify users that ActiveX doesn't load and to change browsers or install the Netscape ActiveX plug-in.

<param name="Bandwidth" value>Your browser does not support this ActiveX player. Please use IE.</OBJECT>

Save NSV stream to file while broadcasting
Use the following command line options to save NSV streams to a file while broadcasting live :
usage: nsvenc [/options] [input_file.ext|cap:[vd,[ad]]|vfwcap:[vd]] [out.nsv|sc:host:Port:headers.txt[+out.nsv]]]

The syntax for a NSV stream URL is different from a audio stream URL. Without any modification to the URL, Winamp will not be able to determine that the stream is a NSV file and not a audio stream.

The syntax for a NSV stream URL is : http://your_ip:8000/;file.nsv. The ";" is not a typo.

Firefox web browser
Firefox web browser users can install the Netscape XPI plugin to view VP3 / MP3 NSV streams.

You must download this xpi file :

Use the Firefox web browser to open the XPI file. The Firefox web browser will then install the XPI file as a plugin.

Your Firefox web browser can now show "ActiveX" VP3 / MP3 NSV streams using the Mozilla XPI architecture.

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