Network Router Configuration For Video Streaming
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If you run a network with a router you will need to open some ports and redirect them to your computer. Here are the steps to do so (all routers are different, so this is more of a guideline)

(windows XP and 2000)
Right-click My Computer and go to the Network Identification tab. Look at your computer name, this is needed. Now go to your router settings, this is most commonly done by opening your browser, and entering as the address.

(windows XP and 2000)
Another common way among routers is going to Start > Run and typing telnet You will need your password and information, which you most likely forgot or never knew (find the manual for your router for defaults and resetting). Find a way to view the DHCP table, and look for your computer name. Remember that number, it's probably something like 192.168.0.X (X being any number).

(Windows 95, 98, and ME)
Step 1.
It's much easier to find out in these versions of windows then above. Go to Start > Run and type in WINIPCFG and press enter. Look at the IP address (you may need to select your Ethernet card from the dropdown).

Step 2.
In your router settings, find Port Forwarding. For starting port, set it to 8000. For ending port, set it to 8001. For IP, put in what you found in step 1 (192.168.0.x). Save the settings and it should be all set.  

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