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Start the Shoutcast server.

Click the "Edit config" tab.

You must restart the SHOUTcast server for any configuration changes to take place.

Notepad will open up and display a document labeled sc_serv.ini. You can make configuration changes in the Shoutcast server operation with this file.

The first step is to change the Shoutcast password. It is recommended that you write this password down for future reference.

The second step is to change the MaxUser count.

* Important - Your Shoutcast server cannot exceed the bandwidth capacity of the Internet connection it is using, to support a quality multimedia stream.

This online bandwidth calculator
streaming bandwidth can be used to determine the number of streams that the SHOUTast server can support using it's available bandwidth.

The third step is to designate the PortBase. This is the network port used for streaming.

Click on the notepad "File" tab.

Then click on the "Save" tab.

Then close the notepad.

These are the basic configurations for the Shoutcast server.

All lines in the sc_serv.ini configuration file that are prefixed with a ";" are not read. Individual settings can be disabled by adding ";" to the start of the specific line you want to disable.

Special Note:

If the computer that is hosting the Shoutcast server has an active firewall or is behind a router, there are two specific network ports that must be open for data communication:

The first network port is the PortBase number selected in the configuration.

The second network port is the PortBase + 1, i.e. in the default configuration it is 8001. The 8001 port is used to receive data from Winamp or other media streaming feeders and the 8000 port is used to send streaming media to multimedia player clients.

You can find information on configuring routers and
port forwarding here.

You are through configuring the Shoutcast server.

You can find additional Shoutcast server support documentation here :


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