Switching Between Live and Recorded Video Using NSV
Submitted by hrst

The Shoutcast DNAS server is default set to disconnect viewers / listeners from the server if no input to the server is detected. Switching between a live video source and video files requires stopping one input and starting the other.

You can change the default DNAS server configuration so that the server does not disconnect viewers / listeners while changing in between input sources.

Shoutcast DNAS server configuration.

; AutoDumpUsers controls whether listeners are disconnected if the source
; stream disconnects. The default is 0.

Both live capture video and pre-recorded video files can be sent using the same Shoutcast DNAS server. To switch between live and recorded video input to the Shoutcast DNAS server, simply stop either the live or recorded input source and then start the recorded or live input.

- Start NSV file source and stop live video source.
- Start live video source and stop NSV file source.

Both software programs should be pointed or "sourced" to the same Shoutcast DNAS server. This includes using the same IP address, Port Number and Shoutcast DNAS server Pass Word. The only change will be live or recorded video content.

You can create a NSV Bat file ( for use with the Windows operating system ) using the command line syntax for streaming video files.  This method creates a "hot" button for individual NSV file and would allow you to switch between a large number of video files easily.  This would also give you greater flexibility with regards to incorporating selected video content into live streams.


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