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Determining type of video file to be encoded
You must determine the type of codec used for encoding the source video file.  This information is required so that the proper video decoders are installed to allow transcoding the content into the NSV format.

You can determine this using GSpot, a codec information applicance : www.headbands.com/gspot

NSV Video transcoding using NSVate
( For Windows XP )
Submitted by Rockouthippie

Winamp Forum Article

NSV video transcoding using NSVate
( For Windows 2000 and Windows 98 )
Provides codec support for MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, DIVX, XVID, WMV
Submitted by Sankt

Winamp Forum Article

Correct FFDshow link

Transcoding QuickTime to NSV
Submitted by Inedible Bulk

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Transcoding Real Media to NSV
Submitted by Hacker_Nait

Winamp Forum Article


Transcoding MP4 to NSV
The MP4 file format is a media wrapper, that is similar to AVI, OGM or Matroska.

You must install a MP4 Splitter to transcode MP4 files.


You can also install the K-Lite codec pack, which includes both a MP4 file Splitter and FFDshow.


Video processing tips
Submitted by Mediadog

You can use the NSV FlaskMPEG tool included in the NSV Tools download to encode existing (MPEG) video files into NSV Format.  You must click the configure button, then click the video tab, turn on "deinterlace", and uncheck the blend instead of interpolate box. You can also set the video picture size to 320x240 there.

You can use VirtualDubMod to downsample QuickTime .mov from a higher frame rate to a lower one and output the video files as raw (uncompressed) AVIs.

You can use TEMPGEnc to convert AVI video file format to MPEG1 video format.

When using Lame to encode audio it is recommended that you encode using mono with the CBR format.  Using the VBR format introduces some nasty high-pitched artifacts when down-sampling, which get very objectionable in stereo.

A little batch NSV converter (to VCD)



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