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NullSoft Video or NSV is a multimedia container format designed for Internet video streaming.  NSV was developed by the same great people that produced the popular Winamp media player and Shoutcast streaming audio software.

A package of NSV software tools was developed to allow people to encode and stream video content.  There are additional third party NSV software programs that have been developed by people within the NSV broadcast / user community.

  • NSV supports both open source and proprietary video and audio codecs.

  • Most existing video can be converted to a NSV supported video codec.

  • Several multimedia players support the NSV format.
NSV has broken the restrictive Internet video streaming barrier. This software allows anyone the ability to produce and distribute live or recorded video content through the Internet.

Many thanks go to Justin Frankel, Tom Pepper and all the other NullSoft code crunchers who worked hard at making NSV a reality.

Special thanks go to Andrew Barber for starting the NSV documentation project and starting the Winamp / NSV forum.

Long Live the Video Revolution !


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